Hitchcock’s Blondes

If you are a fan of Alfred Hitchcock movies, you are aware that he preferred his leading ladies to be blonde.

At the beginning of the HBO movie The Girl which portrays the relationship between Hitchcock and leading-lady Tippi Hedren while filming The Birds and Marnie, this Hitchcock quote is shown:

Blondes make the best victims. They’re like virgin snow that shows up the bloody footprints.

While we know that Hitchcock liked his leading ladies and his victims to have white or yellow hair, was there any other connection between Hitchcock and his leading ladies?

You’ve probably been wondering about the astrology behind the blonde hair . . .

Alfred Hitchcock

Hitchcock was a royal Leo sun with Jupiter and moon conjunct in intense Scorpio. Scorpio moon is known for its emotions and passions. Leo is also passionate so there is not much self-control and an awful lot of fixed sign determination.

As the moon represents females, Jupiter on the moon does suggest some “good luck” with the women. Hitchcock did have good luck landing beautiful ladies, even if it took making movies to have that “good luck.” (Maybe Woody Allen has this same luck?)

In looking at famous directors, Scorpio energy stands out for its understanding of emotional undercurrents and ability to express those emotions in a distinct and powerful manner.

Leo and Scorpio energy combined are extremely forceful and the stuff of powerful leaders whether in a big pond, small pond or across the pond.

A less focused portion of Hitchcock’s horoscope is the placement of Mars in Libra. Mars is out outward directed energy. In Libra is considered in its detriment – a placement not comfortable for Mars. If Mars is directing outward, Libra splits it in half before it can hit its target. Mars is aggressive while Libra wants to maintain fairness. Aggression and fairness are not good bedfellows.

Mars is where Hitchcock and his leading ladies interact.

The Leading Ladies

Synastry is where you see how the planets of two individuals interact and how they influence each other. We’ll do some quick synastry of Hitchcock’s chart and the charts of his leading ladies.

These are five of Hitchcock’s leading ladies:

1. Tippi Hedren (The Birds, Marnie) – chart
2. Grace Kelly (Rear Window, Dial M for Murder, To Catch a Thief) – chart
3. Janet Leigh (Pyscho) – chart
4. Kim Novak (Vertigo) – chart
5. Eva Marie Saint (North by Northwest) – chart

Of the five, three (Hedren, Leigh, Novak) have moon in Libra which was opposite Hitchcock’s Mars in Libra.

Kelly has Mars in Scorpio which opposed Hitchcock’s moon.

Saint is the only one without this moon-Mars connection. Her moon is conjunct Hitchcock’s Venus. He may have been nicer to Saint than some of his other leading ladies.

What does this moon – Mars opposition mean?

Moon – Mars conjunction in synastry

Café Astrology has a nice write up on the moon-Mars conjunction synastry. In part:

When the Moon conjuncts Mars in synastry, there is a strong attraction that is both physical and emotional. We are combining yin and yang planets here, and these tend to generate much fascination and attraction. Over time, the Moon person might find the Mars person both insensitive to his or her needs and feelings, and overreactive to his or her needs and feelings! The Moon person might find that Mars comes on a little too strong when times call for more sensitivity or moderation. The relationship is sure to be an emotional one, with plenty of hurt feelings now and again, and joyful moments when the two come together again after an argument. The two people are very involved in each other’s lives, and have a hard time being objective. Decisions they make as a couple tend to be very subjective and personal. A lot of touchiness from both parties generally characterizes the partnership.

Libra is associated with beauty and pleasure and it’s no wonder these moon in Libra gals were beautiful not just to Hitchcock but to a wider audience. Libra appears to be bestowed beauty by the gods so that it has the weapon of charm. Beauty and charm, like generosity, are difficult to resist.

Libra is not, however, associated with strong drive to action although it is driven by strong drive for partnership and justice.

Hitchcock’s Mars created the demand that the Libra moons were trying to please. Libra is highly motivated in regard to the partner or love interest. Hitchcock was “the other” pressing buttons.

Hitchcock’s Mars triggered and instigated reaction in the Libra moons. If someone’s Mars is triggering your moon you might not always like the antagonism yet for a director that very push and reaction seems necessary.

In the HBO movie The Girl, the story suggests Hitchcock made more than one pass at Hedren. It’s no surprise that Hitchcock’s Mars conjunct Hedren’s moon, especially in Libra, would create attraction. If the Libra moons didn’t feel physical attraction to the bulky and forlorn looking Hitchcock, they might have at least been attracted to his position and power.

Attraction isn’t always physical.

While the leading ladies were both beautiful and blonde, it wasn’t necessarily the blonde that attracted but the Libra grace and charm.

Kelly, although blonde and beautiful, was different from the rest. Her Mars would have provoked Hitchcock’s moon. I’m guessing this actress turned the tables on Hitchcock and had him doing the reacting. With moon in Pisces, sun and Mars in Scorpio, Kelly was also emotionally perceptive in the extreme which can bring with it the ability to manipulate.

Saint is the the actress without the Mars/moon conjunction or opposition. Instead her Mars is on Hitchcock’s Venus meaning she might be the one who found him most attractive. Of all the actresses, she may have had the easiest time with her director and he may not have felt the need to provoke Saint the way he provoked some of his other leading ladies.

Alma Reville

What about Hitchcock’s wife – Alma Reville? What’s the astrology here?

The Girl and this Telegraph article portray Hitchcock and Reville extremely close both in domestic life and creative life.

I did a double take and double check when I saw that Reville was born one day after her husband. She was one day older.

This is like having the charts of twins – we definitely need time of birth to understand the differences. None of the planets, including moon, appear to have changed signs. Mercury, however, is perilously close to moving (retrograde) into Leo from Virgo.

Finding someone born on the exact same day as ourselves is finding someone with the same energy patterns but, possibly, directed in different areas. The same energy doesn’t mean the same result as motivation from the part of us not our personality may direct the energy differently along its continuum of expression.

Was Hitchcock’s obsession with his wife on par with his supposed obsession with his leading ladies?

This brings to mind two ideas: one, that positive aspects can be pleasant but ultimately not motivating and two, that opposites or opposing energy attracts.

Libra is about partnership and also about balance. The very sign suggests that we find in our attractions a balance to our own personality. If you are a balanced person, then, you might find balance “out there.” The more imbalanced one is, the more the balance comes from without and we find ourselves in bed with “an opposite.”

Possibly Reville represented what Hitchcock was and the leading ladies what he was not. Possibly by finding someone so much like himself to marry, a twin perhaps, Hitchcock was still driven by the need for balance in these charming, seductive Libra moons.

Hitchcock and Reville both appear to have had Scorpio moons – charismatic, elegant and also charming but with intensity and obsessive qualities that Libra lacks. Libra (in pure form) is lighter, more fun, not threatening to burn your house and slash your ties should you look at another person with lust.

As with each of us, Hitchcock’s leading ladies had charts full of planets and aspects. There are probably many reasons he was attracted to each woman beyond her blonde hair and apparent effortless charm.

On the other hand, watching this You Tube video of an old interview with Hitchcock, he mentions fear starts with one’s mother saying “Boo” to us when we are young. While I’m sure Hitchcock was in jest, claiming his mother did this to him when he was three months old, an age beyond recall.

Yet maybe this is the answer. Maybe mother said “Boo” and Hitchcock then decided to say “boo” back to a audience of females.

Was Hitchcock’s mother blonde?

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April 12: Peace, Love and a Shot of Whisky

The eye of a hurricane is calm – the eye being the circular area upon which the storm rotates.

If April with its tightening grand cardinal square is an astrological hurricane of energy, then April 12 might be said to be the eye.

The cardinal grand square is closest on April 22 with Pluto (in Capricorn), Uranus (in Aries), Jupiter (in Cancer) and Mars (in Libra). Jupiter is doing double-duty in a grand water trine with Saturn (in Scorpio) and Neptune (in Pisces).

Neptune rules Pisces so is buoyantly content traversing the open sea for 15 years without a map. On April 12, Venus will join Neptune for a day of drifting through calm and soothing waters.

Venus moves fast and will hook up with Neptune annually for a few days in the month of March or April.

Imagine drifting on the open sea, no land in sight, sun high in the cloudless sky.

How does that make you feel?

Drifting is relaxing but those with even a drop of Virgo energy might have a panic attack upon losing sight of land.

For those folks, April 12 might be a day they want to drift, but don’t know how. Instead, these folk may steal a shot of whisky in the night when the children are sleeping for an on-land moment of Neptunian escape.

Five things to do with Venus conjunct Neptune in Pisces

If you decide not to drift in the open sea or drink whisky, here are a few other things you can do:

  1. Go to the water – Swimming, boating, bathing, mineral bath, water therapy – it’s a day to have extra water in your life.
  2. Research and develop your own theory about the Bermuda Triangle – We’re in the midst of an astrological grand water trine which seems a perfect time to see if this physical “water triangle” mystery has any merit.
  3. Educate on water issues – We have many more years of Neptune in Pisces so water issues will continue to arise from availability to contamination.
  4. Read The Rime of the Ancient Mariner – Have you invited your friends over for a poetry reading lately? Poetry is the perfect entertainment for a Venus/Neptune in Pisces conjunction.
  5. Remove a collective unconscious item from your psyche – It’s the perfect time to look deep inside the psyche to find “stowaway” ideas that you’ve carried since childhood that aren’t really yours. If you toss them into the sea, they will dissolve and return to the source.
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Venus Because

An astrologer friend of mine keeps talking about my Venus. Natal Venus, progressed Venus, transiting Venus. Venus, Venus, Venus.

Oh my, is it okay to talk about a girl’s Venus?

Are women truly from Venus and men from Mars?

What about a girls’ Mars and a guys’ Venus? What part of a girl lives on Mars and what part of a guy lives on Venus?

Hey, I think I’m having a Venus return. Is that why Venus is calling for a blog?

I’m just gonna blog on Venus because.

Venus and Mars

I take a very simple, Eastern, view of men and women. Biological men are yang energy and biological women yin energy.

Yang is external and yin internal. Yang points out, yin points in.

Aggression, for example, sometimes considered a “male” quality, is just the external form of aggressive energy which is to make war with perceived enemies in other places. Internal aggression is more like self-hatred and internal aggression might fight with friends and family more than an “external” enemy in a far-off land.

As a friend once said flippantly, when men have low self-esteem they are violent; women with low self-esteem eat chocolate. Her brilliant detective mind saw the same energy in these very diverse behaviors. One is external, one internal.

The chart is not “male” or “female.” While some qualities such as aggression and nurturing have been associated with gender (and women do nurse babies, a biological fact), think of all the characteristics that aren’t gender stereotyped like frugality, discretion, beauty, honesty, loyalty, economy and happiness.

If men and women alike are free to be seen as fastidious, why not aggressive?


Venus is the planet that describes what we like, our values and how we spend money (which reflects our values). It is different from the moon where we derive comfort from response to stimuli. Comfort while a smooth and warmth-evoking word can take on some ugly forms.

Venus is pleasure, not comfort, although they can be related.

Venus is currently transiting Aquarius. Aquarius, the water bearer, is not a water sign but an air sign. The “water” it bears is more like electrical energy from the source. Aquarius is ultimately about ideas and if your Venus is in Aquarius, pleasure may involve talking about life on other planets rather than shopping or sports.

If I were an evil astrologer (and I swear I’m not), I’d suggest Venus in Aquarius transits (which last about a month and are in January, February or March) are a time to sell ideas and technology.

It’s also a good time to sell the opposite of what you really want to sell as Aquarius is more than a mild rebel.

When I Google rebellious activities, tattooing oneself ranks at the top of the searches. Maybe Venus in Aquarius is a good time to have a tattoo sale.

If you’re looking to dance with the astronomical stars, jive with the universe and go with the Venus-in-Aquarius flow, here are some things you can do until April 6 when Venus moves into watery (and whiny) Pisces.

  • Walk backwards
  • Say the opposite of what someone expects you to say
  • Reject ideas of what is considered breakfast/lunch/dinner food
  • Change from diurnal to nocturnal (or the opposite)
  • Use the other gender’s bathroom
  • Share your new idea/invention even if no one understands it
  • Get a tattoo
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The April 22 Grand Square

On April 22, there will be an astrological grand square in the skies at 13 degrees. The planets involved are Mars (in Libra), Jupiter (in Cancer), Uranus (in Aries) and Pluto (in Capricorn).

The signs are the cardinal signs of the four elements. Cardinal is one of the three modes – the other two are fixed and mutable. Four elements times three modes equal the twelve signs of the zodiac.

When planets are in the same mode (cardinal, fixed, mutable) they are in 90 degree aspect called a square. The square is representative of friction. The cardinal signs have much in common – all initiate and are self-motivated – and much different – they are all different elements:

  1. Libra – air
  2. Cancer – water
  3. Aries – fire
  4. Capricorn – earth

While squares are seen as a difficult aspect, it is also acknowledged that without some sort of friction in the personality, the personality is reluctant to act or grow. Think of that super-talented person you know who is content to watch television all day. They could win American Idol, have pictures hang in the National Gallery, could write a novel in ten days or could wipe Fred Astaire from the annals of dancing history.

But they don’t do anything.

That is a person without squares or oppositions.


In 2008, Pluto entered the sign of Capricorn (does that year ring a bell for any reason?). In 2011, Uranus entered Aries and began and on-again, off-again square with Pluto.

Pluto and Uranus move slowly so they will do the “square dance” for several years, sometimes moving close, sometimes moving far away (to swing with another planet).

The inner planets (moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars) move more quickly and sometimes join the dance.

Jupiter and Saturn move more slowly than the inner planets but more quickly than the outer. When they join the Pluto-Uranus square dance, they stay for a year (Jupiter) or two (Saturn).

Jupiter is currently involved in the square dance and is also involved in another aspect called a Grand Trine. This occurs when planets occupy the three signs of an element. In this case, Jupiter in Cancer is making a trine (or triangle) with Saturn in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces.

Jupiter is key here, being one point of a square and one point of a trine. It actually makes a nice astrological kite pattern.

This SkyScript site shows the aspects well.

The trine, unlike the square, is considered an aspect beneficial and comforting. When you meet folks like yourself, you naturally fall into conversation and friendship. They know what it means to work in the same industry, share the same religion, shop at the same grocery store and speak the same language.

Jupiter is expansive and interested in teaching through gain, not pain (unlike Saturn). This is a diet where you can still eat some pudding. Jupiter wants to help by opening its door to you, not by closing you out.

Geometry and Personality

Because squares are viewed as friction, astrologers are making some dire warnings about the April 22 timeframe. Intense energy will do that – create extremes of negative and positive manifestation.

Imagine standing on the beach looking at the ocean and seeing a huge wave approaching. Some of us (like me) run to the hotel restaurant for tea and a nice view and others grab the nearest surfboard for the ride of their lives.

What will you do mid April?

While astrological squares have negative connotations, I keep thinking about the stability of a geometric square. In astrology, we say “square” even when the square is not fully formed. On April 22, the square will be fully formed.

Here’s a personality test based on geometric shapes.

The square, you will note, suggests a person of hard work, perseverance and diligence. “Squares” are methodical and patient, the site says.

The circle is a symbol of harmony. Your entire horoscope, and everyone else’s, is a circle. If we stay within ourselves, harmony prevails.

Triangles symbolize leadership and confidence. An astrological trine is quite confident in its element, having no idea why others struggle. Trines assume everyone knows what it’s like to feel, to think, to plan or to become excited about life.

Zigzags are creative. I’d say in your chart if you were to map all the aspects at once, you’d see a combination of squares, triangles and lots of zigzags. Those are the pieces of personality that dangle from the bottom of your sweater threatening the sweater in search of freedom from the weave.

Zigzags are all over the place. Most of your clothing has a zigzag in it.

Rectangles, according to the site, are the least happy, most confused. So a square off balance is what creates the confusion.

The Grand Square

What can we expect, then, around April 22?

I expect the square to re-balance what is imbalanced in the cardinal energy.

In English (or Google translation), if we choose, we can rebalance our relationship to self, others and planet. That covers family relationships, marriage relationships, and the structures we’ve created to manage how to live together.

When Pluto entered Capricorn in 2008, the housing market collapsed in many countries. Banking would have fallen with it had not governments intervened.

Pluto has not left Capricorn. The levee (government) is still there. We have time to balance the situation before Pluto leaves Capricorn in a decade and the levee goes with it.

While this may sound abstract, keep in mind that the world deliberately, though not always maliciously, keeps you in imbalance.

How much marketing do you see daily? All of it says you need something, that you are not balanced and whole, that you are not perfect the way you are.

If friction is not created, action does not occur. All marketing is friction, impetus to affect your behavior through personality and identity (Aries).

Because the world motivates through friction, it is also possible that when balance is near, friction is deliberately created.

Like other astrologers, I do fret a bit about possibilities during this time frame. Yet, what may occur around April 22 is occurring now, just not on the grand scale that will occur around that time.

What to do?

If the circle is harmony, staying centered will help us in the face of the square. The circle is our self, our entire horoscope.

Can we resist deliberate friction? Can we watch a stock market fall and not panic? Can we be told we’re ugly and not run to the makeup store? Can we be told there is a robber in the neighborhood and still manage to sleep peacefully?

It’s tough.

This reminds me of a scene in the The Way of the Peaceful Warrior where the protagonist finds himself standing on the image of a pentacle as images of past, present, future, good and bad lure him to move in response. The message he receives is this:

Stay where you are. The pentacle is the present moment. There, you’re safe. The demon and his attendants are the past. The door is the future. Beware.

Staying present doesn’t negate action; it negates reaction.

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March 16: The Day Between

Today is the infamous Ides of March (March 15). Ides merely is a calendar designation that means the middle of the month. On this day in March some odd thousand years ago, Roman emperor Julius Caesar was assassinated.

Two days from now, as you have marked on your calendar, is St. Patrick’s Day (March 17). It is no surprise to astrologers that St. Patrick’s Day, falling in the water sign Pisces, is celebrated with drinking.

The good news, my friends, is that as Neptune transits Pisces for the next decade, St. Patrick’s Day celebrations will get better and better. The culmination is March 2023 when Neptune will be conjunct the sun on St. Patrick’s Day. You mark it on your calendar and if it isn’t the blowout promised here, you will get a full refund of the time you spent reading this blog.

In 2024, Neptune will also be conjunct the sun on St. Patrick’s Day but the old stick-in-the-mud Saturn will also be in Pisces saying, “Don’t do what you did last year or I’m calling the cops.”

So March 15 is infamous and March 17 is famous, what about March 16?

Is March 16 the “middle sibling” of a clearly remarkable week of unusual and intoxicating energy?

Pat Nixon


Pat Nixon, the late First Lady to President Richard Nixon, was born on March 16, 1912. Nixon had both sun and moon in Pisces.

[Photo from Biography.com]

Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac, the mutable water sign. It is essentially receptive to all input from life from mental, spiritual and emotional planes. Pisces is a sponge. As such, it is considered emotional.

Pisces and its opposite Virgo tend to be the caretakers and servants of the zodiac. Why?

Ego and service don’t work well together and both Pisces and Virgo often take to the spiritual side of life due to a lack of ego carried by the other ten signs. In the negative sense, these two signs struggle with self-esteem and often see others as having qualities they lack.

Yet which signs of the zodiac are more talented than Pisces and Virgo?

The role of First Lady is quite Piscean. If the President is the center of attention, the First Lady is the shadow, behind the scenes, staring at her husband with awe and admiration as the cameras pan to her every so often to show that she stands by her man.

Yes, we’ve had a couple First Ladies (or maybe just one) who dared do more than stand and stare. And she was duly punished.

Reading Nixon’s biography, she appears to have nursed both her dying mother and later dying father before reaching adulthood. That’s a double Pisces load and extremely emotionally taxing.

Later Nixon married a man who became President and later resigned in disgrace. My guess is she nursed him as well as they remained together for the rest of their lives, which was more common in those times than today.

During her tenure as First Lady, she focused on education and volunteerism. Volunteerism is the energy of Pisces-Virgo which gives and doesn’t expect anything in return.

Because Pisces-Virgo will do much for others in the way of service, those of lower energy often send abuse in return. Sometimes Pisces-Virgo has trouble distinguishing between helping and rescuing, nurturing and enabling.

Pisces-Virgo takes on the color of the surrounding environment which may be why they both are prone to illness, need time alone and seek spiritual refuge.

While Nixon had a lot of Pisces, she also had a Pluto in Gemini square sun. Mars was also in Gemini but not forming a tight square with the sun or moon.

The Pluto square for me is the mark of a politician so it’s interesting that Pat Nixon was drawn to the cantankerous and edgy Richard Nixon.

Nixon may have accepted her Piscean energy to some extent, but Pluto suggests she was also looking for more than a bit of power herself and carried a lot of inner drive.

Nixon’s bio says she drove across the US, worked her way through college, and graduated cum laude. All that is simple for a woman in the US to do today (except for the fact that college has become much more expensive), but imagine doing this in 1932.

What a woman! I’d like to transplant her to this century to see what she would do with that energy. As her photos suggest, she was also a beauty. Pisces and Neptune bring an alluring, other-worldly beauty.

Yet for all this power and beauty, Pat Nixon’s bio is short, her legacy attached to a grouchy Capricorn.

March 16, 2014

March 16 this year brings us sun in Pisces and moon in opposite Virgo. When the sun and moon are opposite we have a full moon.

In between death and drunkenness, we have a day of extraordinary sensitivity to the environment. It will be an interesting day to simply feel what’s occurring around us – feel without a media portal (television, computer, phone) telling us what others feel, without a media portal defining the story for us.

You’re in the middle of Pisces – go ahead and feel what’s out there.

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Six Degrees of Astrological Separation

If we’re all six degrees separated from Kevin Bacon, people have been wondering, are we also six degrees separated from him astrologically?

It’s a question trending on the Internet right now. People are up at night wondering.


Since there are only 12 signs in the zodiac representing 12 energies, chances are you are just like actor Kevin Bacon in some way.

What you need to remember is that there are ten planets (includes Pluto and moon) in 12 signs in 12 houses and that’s where we differ from Bacon.

Bacon, for example, may get up in the morning and eat breakfast, as you do. He may, however, choose to eat raw Ramen noodles whereas you eat leftover pizza.


People all over the world get up and eat breakfast, just like you and Kevin Bacon.

It’s refreshing to learn how much we are alike on this large planet. We can stop fighting now.

The First Degree

Actor Kevin Bacon has sun in warm, loving Cancer and moon (and Mars) in aggressive, competitive Aries. That’s a bit of a conflict as Cancer wants a stable emotional environment and Aries keeps upsetting the apple cart.

Saturn in Sagittarius and Mercury/Uranus in Leo create a grand fire trine which clearly brings this Cancer out of his shell. Bacon has five of the ten planets in fire.

In fact, Bacon’s Cancer sun has few watery playmates in the chart with only Neptune in Scorpio.

Poor sun.

I wonder how much Bacon’s sun tries to put out the raging fire in the rest of his personality.

But how does this relate to the rest of us?

Second Degree

Actress Angelina Jolie, like Bacon, has moon in Aries.

Like Bacon, for Jolie life is too slow, drivers too cautious, red lights too long and people talk too slow for this fast-moving, fast-acting, impulsive moon sign.

Aries moon is a bit neurotic for this reason, acting a bit like a moon in a water sign. Aries wants to jump out of its skin, do everything, be everything – now.

And, by the way, Aries moon is competing with you. Did you just self-scan your groceries at the supermarket? That Aries behind you will do it faster! You didn’t know it, because you were already in your car driving away, but they beat you.

Unlike Bacon, Jolie’s Saturn is in Cancer suggesting that home is a place of limitation, a place she doesn’t feel she truly belongs. Saturn in Cancer is looking for comfort, for belonging which the Aries moon threatens because, again, Aries moon is knocking over the apple cart all the time.

Third Degree

Actor Leonardo Dicaprio also has Saturn in Cancer. But he has a bit of water to help out that Saturn with Mercury, Mars, sun and Venus in Scorpio. He’s also got Jupiter in Pisces.

His moon is in Libra tucked between Pluto and Uranus.

Yikes! I hadn’t realized what an intense boy our Leo is. Girls, if you do hook up with him, remember that he’s extremely possessive and controlling. You might do better to love him on screen while sitting in the theater where there’s a bit of air to breathe.

Dicaprio’s Neptune in Sagittarius brings an attraction to things far and foreign. It’s trine Pluto in Libra so these unusual partnerships are what transforms Dicaprio from controlling to cooperative.

Controlling or not, Mars and Venus in Scorpio suggests many a girl won’t mind being stuck at home with Dicaprio’s eagle eye upon their every move.

Good luck girls.

Fourth Degree

Actress Shailene Woodley also has Mars in Scorpio. Like Dicaprio, she’s got some controlling aspects with Pluto conjunct that Mars and sun in Scorpio.

She’s born of the generation with Uranus and Neptune in Capricorn. As current transiting Pluto begins its transformation of all this generation was born into, this group will have a lot of work to do to clean up the mess of broken structures left by their recent ancestors.

Woodley has moon in super-sensitive Pisces which seems, to my eyes, to make her an incredible actress who shared the spotlight with George Clooney in The Descendants as leading lady. As an aside, Ohio Astrology would like to present her with an award for that role. Very well done.

Woodley’s Venus in Libra is the area that provides some relief to her serious chart in the form of fun and frivolous pleasures with loving company.

Woodley is not one to make friends easily but if you are her friend, it is for life. She would even risk her life for those she loves.

Jupiter in Virgo is opposite moon in Pisces suggesting health interest if not health concerns. The Astrotheme chart has no time of birth so we don’t know where this is in her chart or if it is truly opposed by degree.

Fifth Degree

Actor Will Smith also has Jupiter in Virgo. Smith was born during the Pluto/Uranus conjunction in Virgo so has those two planets mixed up with the benevolent Jupiter. He also has Mars in Virgo but in the early degrees of the sign and not involved in the Jupiter/Pluto/Uranus conjunction.

Smith’s sun is in Libra (with Mercury and Venus) with moon (and far away Neptune) in Scorpio.

The Astrotheme chart places most of Smith’s planet’s beneath the ascendant suggesting a more personal, less public, life. Saturn at the top of the chart in Aries suggests lack of confidence while the Leo rising is throwing its mane back to impress the world around with its strength and ferociousness.

Smith seems a truly shy person who probably performs only when there is a crowd. If we catch him at home cleaning or balancing the checkbook (four planets in Virgo in the 2nd house) or writing sad poetry (Libra and Scorpio energy), we’d see a man without façade.

I can imagine one of those pictures now, of Smith hunched over a ledger, the electric bill in his hand, reading glasses on, caught unawares, looking like an average Joe paying the bills.

Four planets in Virgo suggest a worrying nature and health concerns, possibly stemming from that very nature. Smith may be a pill popper but one who pops only mega doses of vitamins. I can also see the “average Joe” Smith at the health food store looking at nutrition labels.

There is probably excessive concern with diet and exercise.

Sixth Degree

Like Smith, this blogger is born during the Pluto/Uranus conjunction in Virgo. This is the generation that brought us hand sanitizer and made “organic” a household word.

We have now connected our astrological separation from Kevin Bacon.

What’s even more eerie about this connection is how much this writer likes bacon and eggs.

The universe is unfathomable!

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Neptune in Pisces: Escape and Enablement

There’s an interesting commercial on substance abuse. It shows a daughter being egged on by her mother to have a party as mom says she’ll supply the beer. We learn from the commercial that even if mom is buying, it’s still wrong. We learn mom is enabling bad behavior and also mom has some issues herself.

This is a very powerful message because it says mom can’t always be trusted. And while that’s true, what do you do if mom is buying the beer? What do you do if your friends like it and you don’t?

I see some painful situations here that need more than a commercial to solve.

Bringing these messages into the image portals such as television is probably courtesy of Chiron in Pisces and the generation born under it who is also trying to stop bullying and other issues of victimization.

This is also an interesting message as Neptune transits Pisces, Neptune being the natural ruler of Pisces. It’s time to talk about such Piscean life situations such as ecstasy and escape, the feelings we generate ourselves and those we pick up from others, saving and rescuing, influence through image, faith and belief and, as some Buddhists term it, idiot compassion.

Neptune takes about 15 years to make it through a sign so we’ve got a little time to work this out.

Escape Routes and Enablement

Pisces and Neptune when overwhelmed with reality are known, more than other signs, to escape. Escape comes through fantasy, imagination, drugs (legal and non-legal) and alcohol.

Everyone escapes now and then. What is a vacation but an escape? Who doesn’t need a bit of rejuvenation that comes from a short break with one’s life?

Escape goes bad when it’s done regularly. Like drugs, escape can be difficult to try “just once” as some escapes latch onto parts of your brain that turn them from escapes to compulsions.

Water Escape

Although Neptune traveling through a water sign and our current transiting grand trine (Neptune in Pisces, Jupiter in Cancer and Saturn in Scorpio) are focused on water escape, escape can come through any of the elements.

Escape through water (drinking) is a very common one as it is half food item half intoxicant and has existed for millennia.

Water escape comes through merging and dissolution of boundaries and can also include things like film and music where you lose a sense of self. For two hours of a movie in a theater, you are a superhero saving princesses or a princess being saved by a superhero.

The lights hurt when you walk outside.

Water enablement also exists through the culturification (is this not a word?) of intoxicants. In the TV commercial mentioned above, mom says it’s okay to have a little beer at the party. What’s a party without alcohol?

Air Escape

Air escape comes through socializing, partnering and talking.

All of these escapes are from physical aloneness. Today’s enhanced phone capabilities are bringing communication 24 hours a day from a number of communication channels.

The talking never stops. There are no holy days.

For me, a manifestation of air sign escape is marketing. Data is so prevalent today (due to technology but also our willingness to continuously provide data) that ads and coupons are geared particularly and exclusively to our habits.

Maybe in a fit of emotion I eat a whole Sara Lee cheesecake (and I swear I’ve never done this) and post this information on a social media site. Now I receive offers and pictures of Sara Lee cheesecakes. I don’t receive offers for quinoa or split pea soup or frozen hash browns. These products cease to exist.

Is this not enablement?

This also occurs in the realm of news. No longer is the news “news” but information feeds based on my interests. How do I receive relevant information outside of my interests? How do I know the polluted water is coming downstream?

Fire Escape

Fire rules the spirit so escape can take the form of daring activities, sports, romance or simply creating dramas in the environment.

Romance, of course, is fun, but when you’re married, romance outside of the home is often frowned upon. The constant need for romantic conquest is a type of escape. Sex as escape, in contrast, is more in the realm of water and escape through merging.

Enablement of fire escape also comes, I think, in the form of media specifically tailored to my desires that comes through sports, gambling, online gaming and film.

In the Star Trek episode The Cage, the captain and a stranded female on an alien planet find themselves suddenly in the midst of their own desires and fantasies. Their desires become the external reality and they are like actors.

The captain longed for the green pastures of home and suddenly finds himself there, in the flesh. His stranded female falls right into her part but the captain knows it’s not real and refuses to participate.

Who could resist an entire universe created from our own desire?

Earth Escape

Earth rules practical affairs, responsibilities and material goods.

Earth sign escapes can include working too much, shopping too much or taking on too much responsibility.

The workaholic is a typical earth sign escape artist. The workaholic is noticeable (if you work with him or her) but escape through excessive responsibility less so.

The person taking on too much responsibility is escaping fire, or the life of the spirit. Separation anxiety for earth comes when there is no work to be done and the day is an empty slate. Earth sign anxiety may also come from worrying about finances and security.

How do you enable earth?

Keeping people in a cycle of debt is a form of earthly enablement as allows for material possessions beyond one’s means that must be protected by continued work and asset accumulation.

By enabling earth, companies make more money in which to enable earth in a continued (and endless?) cycle.

Neptune in Pisces

Neptune will be in water-sign Pisces until about 2025. Prior to this transit, Neptune was in air-sign Aquarius from 1998-2011, in earth-sign Capricorn from 1984-1998 and fire-sign Sagittarius from 1971-1984.

I’m expecting Neptune in Pisces to bring increased consumption and culturification of alcohol. As this occurs, the now nascent Uranus/Pluto in Virgo generation will have Neptune opposing this natal conjunction. I can imagine strong debates about whether alcohol consumption is good or bad for health.

Prohibition in the US occurred during Neptune in Leo and was repealed as Neptune entered Virgo. Uranus was in Aquarius, Pisces and Aries during Prohibition while Pluto was in Cancer.

In 1933 when Prohibition was repealed, Neptune was in Virgo and Pluto in Cancer. Now Neptune is in Virgo’s opposite Pisces and Pluto is in Cancer’s opposite Capricorn. Uranus was in Aries then and is in Aries now.

The debate in the US begun in 1920 and ended in 1933 may pick up again, especially as we legalize other non-prescribed drugs such as marijuana.

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Deposed Rulers in the News: Yanukovych, Morsi & Maduro

If you’ve been keeping up on your astrological news these past couple years, you’re well aware of the friction between ruler of the skies Uranus and ruler of the underworld Pluto.

Astrological Uranus transiting cardinal fire sign Aries has been squaring Pluto transiting cardinal earth sign Capricorn. These two planets are far-out in space so have spent a long time already in this duel.

Uranus is lightening which brings sudden, intense but fleeting illumination. In the sign of Aries the lightening is not only pointing you to that which is in the dark, but is setting it on fire. If you don’t notice the fire in the corner, there’s not much else Uranus can do for you.

Pluto is an earthquake which shakes your foundations. This is the scariest of the shifts in consciousness because when the ground moves, there is nowhere to run. In the sign of Capricorn the earthquake is tumbling structures such as banking, politics, education and anything corporate (which in the US is just about everything).

Aries energy is about personal self and Capricorn energy is about social self. These are two sides of the cardinal square. The other two sides are Cancer which is family and belonging and Libra which is about partnership and balance.

Guess what?

Every so often in this five-year friction between Uranus and Pluto (which is sometimes stronger, sometimes weaker), other planets decide to get involved.

Today the expansive Jupiter and aggressive Mars are involved. For the next five months, Jupiter is transiting Cancer and Mars is transiting Libra.

In July, those two planets will change signs. In July, today will feel eons away.

Jupiter is expansive which is good in your wallet but not in your waistline. You wallet and waistline are in close proximity and that is the challenge Jupiter brings. In Cancer, Jupiter brings family and a sense of belonging in tight emotional groups. Cancer is a water sign so we are also seeing lots of rain and possibly tears although this can’t be confirmed. (Jupiter is also part of a grand water trine with Saturn and Neptune – Jupiter is clearly busy).

Mars is the warrior. Does this very common movie, book and video game theme need any more explanation? Mars is assertion of self. Hey, I’m here. Hey it’s me. In Libra, this self-focused energy is directed toward partnerships and, as the scales would suggest, balance and fairness. That confuses Mars which is struggling for territory and can make that energy tied up inside as it tries to be nice and fair. Mars isn’t mean, it simply must move forward and, sorry, if that is your territory.

This grand square of Pluto, Uranus, Jupiter and Mars is creating a wee bit of social uprising across the world and a few men at the top can explain to you better what a grand cross feels like. Those men are Ukraine’s Viktor Yanukovych, Egypt’s Mohamed Morsi and Venezuela’s Nicolas Maduro.

Viktor Yanukovych

Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych is currently deposed, having been impeached yesterday.

How does Yanukovych’s horoscope (using the Astrotheme horoscope) fit into the grand square?

Yanukovych has three planets in Cancer (Uranus, Mercury and sun) and two in Libra (Mars and Neptune).

Yanukovych has moon in Taurus square Pluto in Leo. Moon/Pluto aspects are the mark of a politician for me, indicating a compulsive need to control the environment as a result of early psychic or physical assault.

Taurus, like Libra, is ruled by Venus which rules pleasure. Taurus is the more physical, sensual aspect while Libra focuses on others and romance.

In November 2013, when the trouble began for Yanukovych, Jupiter had passed his sun. It then went retrograde (apparent backward motion) and is now tucked between his Uranus and Mercury.

Mars is returning to its natal position next to Neptune which gives one a mystical and physical beauty that is appealing to others which also goes by the name charm.

Pluto, using the Astrotheme chart, is transiting the 4th house of family (which is what Cancer is about) and Uranus is transiting the 7th house (which is what Libra is about). Jupiter is transiting Yanukovych’s 10th house (which is what Capricorn is about).

In other words, the cardinal grand square is hitting Yanukovych’s natal cardinal planets and affecting the cardinal houses. Yanukovych has a square in his horoscope between Cancer and Libra. Transiting Pluto and Uranus are creating the grand square.

First, we know that protestors like to protest on public SQUARES (as opposed to parks or baseball diamonds) so the tension built into the square is physically manifested both for Yanukovych and his environment.

Yanukovych’s personal earthquake is in the house of personal emotions. Don’t think he’s not ready to crumble both materially and emotionally. His personal enlightenment is from the house of partnerships so a fire is being lit not only on his public relationships but on his personal relationships.

The water and tears are coming from his career, as we’re well aware. Yanukovych is crying for Ukraine.

And lastly, Yanukovych’s aggressive Mars is directed, again, toward partnerships. The anger which Mars in Libra doesn’t express well is going toward those Yanukovych loves most. Natal Neptune in Libra conjunct Mars denies that his expression toward family and partners is anything but nice. Also, Mars and Neptune in the 1st house indicate extreme suggestibility by those he is attracted to.

On the personal level, the grand cross is telling Yanukovych to act with courage. His chart is not courageous – it’s too geared toward comfort – even though political position can suggest to the world that you have cajones.

Jupiter in Cancer, however, may provide Yanukovych a place he can call home where he feels more connection. Those he previously called family are not coming, but in the end, that may be what Yanukovych’s personal horoscope is suggesting is best.

Mohamed Morsi

Egypt’s former president Mohamed Morsi, like Yanukovych, is currently deposed and in prison standing trial for espionage.

When first looking at Morsi’s horoscope a couple years ago, I found an August 20 birthdate. Astrotheme’s horoscope has his birthday as August 8.

August puts sun in Leo. August 8 has moon in Libra while August 20 has moon in Aries. Jupiter is in Aries in both charts while Uranus is in Cancer. Mars would be in Cancer August 8 and in Leo August 20.

The mark of a politician is there with Pluto conjunct the sun in Leo.

Morsi is made of stronger stuff than Yanukovych with fire in the chart and Pluto involved. This deposed ruler is fighting for both his physical and political life as he’s in prison and on trial.

Remember that the Plutonian phoenix rises from the ashes and looking at Morsi’s chart(s) a couple years ago and now, I still feel he’s going to make it through this in some way. He may not be president, but he may remain walking the earth in some other role.

Morsi, like Yanukovych, has a few pieces of this grand square in his horoscope. He has the Cancer (Uranus and Mars), the Aries (Jupiter and maybe moon) and the Libra (Neptune and maybe moon).

Also like Yanukovych, transiting Pluto in Capricorn is a missing piece. But, hey, if you’re going to rule a country you’re going to meet the god of the underworld at some point.

Because it is transiting Capricorn, Pluto has arrived for all politicians.

None of the charts I found for Morsi, for either August 8 or August 20, have time of birth.

So we don’t know where in Morsi’s chart his personal earthquake is occurring. Since he sits in prison at this moment accused of espionage, we can hazard a guess at the 12th house which is the house of confinement.

Morsi’s expansion is coming to his natal Uranus while his natal Jupiter is getting a visit from Uranus. Morsi’s enlightenment regards family and how much they have helped/hurt him. Possibly there are feelings of betrayal from a family member.

The aggressive Mars is opposing aggressive Jupiter in Aries which enlarges the sense of self, especially as it trines the sun and Pluto. This transiting Mars is conjunct Neptune telling Morsi he’d better act nice, at least until July.

The moon is also involved in this whether in Aries or Libra.

Don’t think Morsi is moping in prison. Somehow he is being energized in his sense of mission. He’s got the Pluto self-control to reign in his fire energies.

In July when Jupiter moves into Leo and Mars into Virgo, Morsi may be back on the public stage. Mars will then be transiting his Mercury so expect to hear a lot at that time from (or about) Morsi.

Nicolas Maduro

Unlike Yanukovych and Morsi, at this moment Maduro is still President of Venezuela. Wait, let me Google it and double check. Ok, I think this is still true.

With Uranus involved, you never know.

Using the Astrotheme horoscope, Maduro has Mercury and sun in Sagittarius with moon in Libra. That moon in Libra is the only cardinal sign in his horoscope.

Natal Uranus and Pluto are in Virgo and Pluto makes a wide square to sun, the mark of a politician. But it’s not as strong as in Yanukovych’s or Morsi’s horoscope.

Natal Mars in Leo is too wide to trine the sun, but adds the strength of fire to Maduro’s chart. In my own study of Latin American leader charts, there’s a liking for fire in a president.

Where does revolution land in Maduro’s horoscope?

Using the Astrotheme chart, Maduro’s earthquake has just moved from the house of others’ money to the 9th house of long-distance travel. Maduro is trying to take a long plane trip to Washington DC but might find himself vacationing elsewhere.

Meanwhile, Maduro’s enlightenment has just moved from the house of groups into the 12th house of confinement and hidden enemies. Uranus opposes the moon in the 6th house of health and work, a placement that suggests mental instability (Neptune is also in the 6th but in Scorpio).

Mars is transiting that 6th house so personal self is dependent upon another, and another may also be in the form of substance. With moon and Neptune in the 6th, Maduro may be taking medicine for mental and/or emotional issues.

Maduro’s expansion is occurring in the 3rd house of siblings, neighbors and learning. This opposes the 9th house of travel and often when you travel, you have to learn a new language, understand the menu and tune into the vibes of the culture around you.

The 3rd/9th house axis involves perception, learning, travel, neighbors and siblings. Maduro is undergoing a transformation regarding his basic perception of the world.

Transiting Uranus also forms a wide fire trine in Maduro’s chart with sun in Sagittarius and Mars in Leo. In July when Jupiter enters Leo, the fire will increase.

Fire fights and like water knows no boundaries. I’m wondering if the fighting Maduro would turn aggression on himself in times of struggle or confinement. Like Morsi, Maduro won’t go down without a fight. But Maduro’s chart suggests no matter how bloody his face, he will continue to rise for the next punch even if self-destructive.

Transiting Saturn (in Scorpio) is in Maduro’s house of health and moving into the 7th. In a year it will be moving toward his natal Mercury and sun. Saturn contracts which Sagittarius dislikes intensely.

Fire must learn discipline to be effective and Maduro is getting a strong lesson in this. With moon and Neptune in the natal 6th, discipline may always seem like a bad traffic cop and Maduro may overreact by setting himself on fire.

Perceptual changes are the most difficult because it suggests that you may have been living in delusion or that everything you think and know must be discarded for a new way of thinking – much easier said than done.

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Hugh Grant’s Fecundity

According to People magazine (January 17, 2014 print issue), actor Hugh Grant is the father of three children, one born late 2011, one born September 2012 and one born February 2013.

September 2012 and February 2013 are five months apart so, obviously, have two different mothers. A source listed in the People magazine article as a “loyal friend” says “I can’t imagine any man wanting to get two women pregnant at the same time.”

Our loyal friend hasn’t kept up with the news or history. In this Psychology Today article The Wide World of Polygamy, the author writes that “Plural marriage is surprisingly common, and popular, elsewhere.”

The elsewhere means not the “northern and western nations of Europe” referenced by a US court in 1878 when writing against polygamy.

Let’s allow our northern and western European sensibilities (and by extension US sensibilities) to relax (it may take medically prescribed marijuana to do so) and think about the situation without the idea of one man one woman.

Ah, I can feel my headache disperse, my ideas surrounding marriage falling like leaves off an autumn tree, flowing freely in the wind to land at the base of my neighbor’s garage. He can sweep them up, if at all.

It’s a simple feeling of freedom, for a moment, to release all one’s ideas about a situation.

Hugh Grant’s Fecundity

When letting go of all my thoughts on marriage, what remains is that Grant is quite fecund.

Fecundity isn’t a word we use much these days as love, marriage and childbearing being under the rule of a generation born with Uranus conjunct Pluto in Virgo. This generation believes in plans and schedules and there is nothing in life not under this energy.

Fecundity has probably lost its appeal in northern and western nations of Europe as people live longer and most babies survive. Producing many babies isn’t necessary to replace children lost through the trials of a harsh existence.

According to The World Bank site, the highest world fertility rate is 7.6 (Niger) and the lowest 1.0 (Macao). The United Kingdom is at 2.0 so Grant is 50 percent higher than average for his locale.

Grant is fecund.

What aspects produced this fecundity?

Using the Astrotheme horoscope, Grant has Virgo rising with moon in Taurus. Grant has a widely-aspected earth trine with Pluto (and sun and Mercury) in Virgo, Saturn in Capricorn and moon in Taurus.

Earth trines love earth things – the taste, touch and smell – of our physical existence (although Virgo is often allergic to a great portion of this stuff).

Grant’s fecundity began late 2010, early 2011 when Pluto was in the early degrees of Capricorn and conjunct his natal Saturn in Capricorn. Transiting Pluto was trine natal Pluto and natal moon.

At the same time, transiting Neptune in the last degrees of Aquarius was opposing natal Uranus in Leo. Transiting Jupiter and Uranus, in the last degrees of Pisces, were opposing Grant’s sun/Mercury in Virgo, which, by the way, is the 12th (hidden) house.

At the same time all this is going on, transiting Saturn in Libra was conjunct natal Venus in Libra.

Traditionally, fecundity is related to the 5th house which rules romance and children. Unless the Astrotheme chart is incorrect, there’s only a little of that going on here with transiting Neptune in the 5th just making its way to the 6th (house of health).

With the strong Saturn/Capricorn overtones to Grant’s fatherhood, his fecundity relates to the need to settle down and have permanence. Transiting Saturn on the pleasure-loving Venus in Libra says it’s time to make that love affair a permanent relationship.

The Uranus influences bring the suddenness and possibly even the feeling of accident but I think the true desire is for propagation. Uranus simply allowed it to happen.

Transiting Pluto on Saturn in Capricorn also suggests that self-reliance is being tested , as are the very knees and skeletal structures themselves. This transit may have also provided a health scare in those body parts. Currently transiting Neptune in Pisces is in the 6th house of health opposing natal Pluto which may bring unusual health problems into the open.

At the same time, currently transiting Saturn on Neptune provides the existential angst that asks, “Why am I here and what has it all meant?”

A health scare or existential angst can both drive an individual closer to family; and, if there is no family, the desire to create one. These aspects can also point toward spirituality and religion.

While our western sensibility news stories portray Grant as the rake-like character he portrayed in Bridget Jones’ Diary, our astrological sensibilities suggest Grant is experiencing a strong desire to continue his lineage which may be driven, as it often is in middle-age, by the feeling of mortality (Capricorn). Mortality may be felt through health scares or simply existential questions of meaning.

12th House Sun

It’s odd to find a 12th house sun person in the spotlight. Possibly that Venus in Libra in the first house attracted the attention and the sun and her Virgo friends came along.

Café Astrology says this about a 12th house sun:

You have a tendency to be introspective and need some space and seclusion in order to pull up your strength. You may avoid the spotlight, and if you do find yourself in a public role, you tend to hide your true self behind that role! Because your will is directed inwards, you need to find a path for yourself that allows you to “get away from it all” at least some of the time. Honor your need to be alone with yourself, but avoid over-identifying with your inner world to the point that you truly feel alone in a crowd. You shine when you serve others in some way. Your compassion sets you apart from others, but try to work with it rather than let your compassion work against you by reinforcing your own sense of loneliness.

Yet Grant’s natal Mars in Gemini opposing Jupiter in Sagittarius squares the Virgo sun and creates a fear and boredom of routine and desire for fast-paced, constantly-changing stimulation.

How does one manage the need for a constantly-changing environment and the need for intense privacy?

This is Grant’s struggle.

The Present and Beyond

Now that transiting Pluto is passing over Grant’s natal Saturn in Capricorn in the 4th house of home and family, it’s time for Grant to re-structure that personal life.

Saturn in that house suggests the early home life didn’t have structure or form so Grant has to learn to do this on his own.

Transiting Jupiter in Cancer opposed this last year and now is breaking free from opposition in the 10th house of career. The 10th house is also one’s reputation and I suspect Grant will move forward on the image of a dad, a true image, not a public-relations-inspired image.

When Jupiter moves into Leo mid summer, Grant may bask in fatherhood in the middle of the park for all to see. Leo is proud of its children and expresses love of them openly.

Transiting Mars in Libra is going back and forth (as it will spend six months in Libra rather than the normal two months) over Grant’s Venus creating a relationship that is on-again, off-again until about the same time that Jupiter moves into Leo.

In July of this year, Grant will probably make some relationship changes.

Transiting Saturn is in Grant’s 3rd house and for about three more years will be in the 3rd and 4th houses which will keep Grant close to home (both willingly and unwillingly). After that time, Grant will have worked out that new groove of fatherhood.

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Ohio Astrology Recommends Moving Valentine’s Day to August 14


This year’s Valentine’s Day brings us a full-moon in Leo, so we’re half way there. Fraternal love, erotic love – what’s the difference?

Originally posted on Ohio Astrology:

It’s interesting to compare the characteristics of holidays and the characteristics of the sign in which they reside.

Major Holidays

Easter (late March, early April) is in the sign of Aries, the first sign of the zodiac representing beginnings. Easter, in fact, is a moving holiday that clearly follows the patterns in the sky for its date.

St. Patrick’s Day (March 17) is in the sign of emotional, watery Pisces. Green is the color of the heart chakra and represents emotional openness. Is it a wonder that this holiday is celebrated with alcohol?

Memorial Day (last Monday in May) is in the sign of Gemini, which is the sign of communication, short travels, neighbors and siblings. This holiday doesn’t seem to have a lot to do with Gemini. But I’m not sure what sign would work well for remembering the deceased of war.

Labor Day (first Monday in September) is…

View original 482 more words

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